So Do I My Friend (4:40)

Steve Reich-like spoken-word manipulation that accelerates from 50 BPM to 1000 BPM

Absurd Phony Lie (A Boyish Plunder) (6:51)

Track submitted to the Sonny Bono Is Dead compilation; the title and subtitle are both anagrams of the sampled composition.

Armour Hot Kids (0:59)

Alternate-universe commercial for "Armour Hot Dogs" (Free Speech For Sale)

The Real Thing (1:40)

I'd like to buy the world... (Free Speech For Sale)

Vibgyor (1:21)

This track pretty much sums up the worst teachers I've had. Sample taken from a children's science record.

The Beating Goes On (4:14)

A song about child abuse; vocal samples taken from the infamous Beach Boys "Help Me Rhonda" recording session and from a disturbing recording of Brian Wilson later in his career.

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